McKuzy Tactical Medicine offers a wide variety of medical/survival/outdoors courses.  We offer courses such as: Basic and Advanced First-Aid, IV therapy, Suturing, Wilderness Medicine, Firearms training, CPR, Land Navigation, Hand-to-hand combat and much, much more.  Click the icons below for a view of our more popular classes.  Don't see what you're looking for? Call us and ask! We offer more courses than we can list here! 



Basic First-Aid - Advanced First-Aid - IV Therapy - Oxygen Administration - Suturing - Wilderness EMS - Wilderness Medicine - OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens - Respiratory Protection - Infection Control


Basic Pistol - Tactical Pistol - Basic Shotgun - Tactical Shotgun - Basic Rifle - Tactical Rifle - Precision Rifle - AR-15 for Begginers Parts 1 & 2 - Critical Defense for Pistol - Women Only Classes



Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Medical Operator's Courses.  We have courses for all skill levels, from the fledgling operator to the experienced hard core operator.  Courses can include IV/IO therapy, advanced wound clousure (suturing), and advanced airway management.  We also offer LIVE FIRE Tactical Training.



All American Heart Association CPR courses.  We also offer the AHA ACLS course.



Emergency Vehicle Operator's Course - OSHA Classes (First-Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens, Respiratory Infection, Infection Control) - K9 First-Aid - Land Navigation - Map and Compass Skills - Wilderness Survival - Hand-to-hand combat skills - Ropes - Weapons Cleaning and Maintenance

Don't see what you need, contact us and ask!  We'll get you pointed in the right direction.