I’m a pilot. I’ve been one for decades. That being said, I don’t enjoy flying on commercial aircraft. It’s not just that they’re crowded, uncomfortable, and cramped it’s the fact that I’m a pilot. I like to fly the plane. I love the feelings of movement, hell, I even love turbulence but the problem becomes, I want to fly the plane. If I feel it moving I want to correct it. So, I start thinking about how the plane is moving and what I need to do to correct it but since I don’t have controls, the plane doesn’t respond how I want. I’m expecting one movement and the plane doesn’t respond. It confuses the balance centers in my ears and brain and before I know it, I’m getting airsick. I can mitigate the airsickness if I’m in the cockpit and can see outside, see the controls, the attitude indicators, etc. and I’m good to go. It gets a little better if I have a window seat, but not much. I just want to be where the magic happens. Small aircraft are much better. Much better visibility, lots more movement but I can see the big picture, the horizon, the instruments, everything. I love THAT kind of flying. Oh well, the light at the end of the rainbow is I’ll get to see my grandchildren much quicker than if I drove, and that is priceless!

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