Swimming with Natalie

Yesterday was a great day! I got to spend the day at the Wave with my grandchildren! And the best part was, nobody drowned. Which brings me to the question of the day. Are you ready? Here goes!

You decide to take a cool swim in the mountain top lake. BRRRRRRR! Although it is mid-June the water is definitively chilly. Cold actually. As you swim in the lake you see another group of campers standing at the water’s edge. When they see you they yell for help and point to a body floating face down in the water. Being skilled in water rescue, you jump in the water and pull the body to the shore. Once ashore you find the patient, a teenage boy, is not breathing and is cyanotic. His fingertips and lips are blue and he has no discernible pulse. What do you do?

McKuzy Tactical Medicine can help you know what to do in this situation and a wide variety of other emergency situations. Come join us for one of our ‘Camp and Learn’ training sessions and be better prepared for your next great adventure!


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