Non-Narcotic Pain Control

Yesterday was another great day with the grand kids! I had a bit of a headache all day so I wasn’t at my best but this morning I’m headache free so lets get this ball rolling. Minor pain isn’t a bad thing, most of the time Operators just ‘work through it’. I don’t know any Operators who haven’t gone on a call out without some kind of minor aches and pains. But what do you do when the pain is breaking your concentration? Simple, PULL THEM FROM THE MISSION! If the pain is bad enough to effect your performance it’s bad enough to treat. This isn’t the time for macho “I’ll deal with it” attitudes. There are a variety of non-narcotic pain control options that will put you back in the fight is short order. Acetaminophen, Motrin, Naproxen Sodium, and regular aspirin just to name a few. While it is true that most NSAID also have an effect on the platelet cascade and clotting actions these are easily controlled if the patient isn’t on other anti-thrombolytic regimes. Don’t hesitate to use NSAIDs and NSAID cocktails for minor pain control. Lets treat our Operators and keep them in the game.

As with all medical decisions be sure to follow your local SOP and consult with your Medical Director before beginning any treatment regime.

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