Dominic Kuzy is the son of McKuzy Tactical Medicine, Inc.’s President and CEO Nick Kuzy and holds the position of Company Gunny, which means he does everything nobody else wants to do.


Dominic is responsible for accountability of equipment, set up and take down of range and mission training environments, and assisting primary instructors in any and all needs.  He is proficient with all the tools and equipment owned by McKuzy Tactical Medicine, Inc. and cleans, maintains, and repairs equipment as needed.


Dominic is an excellent rifle coach and assistant instructor and is a very accurate marksman in his own right.


His other duties include:

Land Navigation Instructor

Assistant Wilderness/Austere Environment Survival Instructor

Assistant Rifle Instructor

Assistant Pistol Instructor

Range/Site Maintenance

Field Hygiene

Assistant Medical Instructor

            Certified in CPR

            Certified in Advanced First Aid

Property/Equipment Officer



Dominic is a Junior at Grissom High School in Huntsville, AL.  He is a trombone player and member of the band.  He has special interests in Mathematics and Science.  He is currently interested in developing a career path possibly leading to future careers in Zoology, Medicine, or Computer Sciences.  Additionally, he has added the Euphonium, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, and several other instruments to his repertoire.