Melody and Jeff Kuzy are officers and board members of McKuzy Tactical Medicine. A passion for the outdoors has brought them to McTM to share the knowledge they have acquired to promote safe firearms handling, the skills necessary to operate in austere areas and the emergency medical training that might one day save a life.


Melody has always had a deeply felt connection with nature.  A camper from a young age, she is always on the lookout for the next opportunity to head to the woods.  Melody honed her outdoor skills working for the Youth Conservation Corps where she built and maintained paths and structures in state parks and forests.  She has shared these experiences with youth organizations, teaching them outdoor skills and a love of the wilderness.


As a US Marine, Jeff received multiple expert rifleman awards.  His training also included counter-terrorism, land navigation, combat first aid and aircrew survival.  After leaving the Marines, he served with a private organization providing physical security for high value assets.  In his current job his collateral duties include physical security and accountability for government equipment for a DoD contractor.


After getting married, Melody and Jeff combined their shared experiences and became Boy Scout leaders.  Nationally certified as a director and instructor, they instructed the COPE program.  COPE teaches team building and problem solving centered around a high level confidence course.  Other skills taught included rappelling, climbing, camping, backpacking, field sanitation, land navigation, improvised shelters, first aid and water safety.


Melody and Jeff are NRA Certified Pistol Instructors and Range Safety Officers.  Other interests include scuba diving, gardening and spending time with their children and grandchildren.